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Production Process

Glass mosaics produced by Lovely Building Materials Co. are made of a high quality float glass to ensure the quality of all raw materials. The production line itself consists of a glass washer, multi-tool glass cutting machine, screen printing machine, dryer, mosaic separator, and a roller hearth tunnel kiln (electric or gas heated).

Production Process for Ordinary Mosaics
1. Cut the transparent glass into granules of the required shapes and sizes using the cutting machine.
2. Fire the granules in the kiln to arc the edges and corners.
3. Select qualified mosaics.
4. Print the colors and patterns on one side of the mosaic.
5. Paint a coating on the mosaic tiles after the tiles are dry.
6. Manually paste the mosaics after they are dry. Paste a honeycomb net on the back of the mosaics.

  • Cutting the glass into pieces

  • Glass coloring

  • Firing the mosaics in the kiln

  • Firing finished

  • The kiln is sintering the mosaics (mosaic hot melting equipment)

  • Mosaic pasting

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