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From the clay patterns in ancient Babylon using colored stones in their streets, to the Roman Empire to embellish the villas the ruling class called home, mosaics have long been part of human history, and have prevailed through history and to us here in the 21st century. Here at Lovely Building Materials Industrial Co., Ltd., (Ralart mosaic), we are a trusted name for modern mosaic tiles and feature a modernized system for designing, selling, and processing of a wide array of mosaic tiles.

We started small, exporting to a large market in Europe, the United States and Southeast Asia, and as our client base and reputation grew, we expanded into several domestic subsidiary companies, offering both wholesale and retail mosaic tiles. Lovely Mosaic has continued to grow in popularity among our clients, and we are known for our outstanding quality, continuous stock, great sales reputation and friendly sales services.

Our products include crystal mosaics, glass mosaics, gold mosaics, ceramic mosaics, metal mosaics, and stone mosaics, all for use in decoration of interior or exterior walls, rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, villas, swimming pools, hotels and just about any decorative area. Using a mosaic integrates both practical décor with aesthetics, giving customers the best of both worlds.

Lovely Mosaic employs a talented design group, aided by a first class computer design system. We can provide individual services for each client in order to produce customized and unique patterns of materials, as well as a line of standard designs for both wall and floor surfaces.

We place an emphasis on creativity and professional dedication, which in turn has led to a strong sales team and creative designs to give our customers. No matter how unique a customer needs their space to be, we guarantee we will help each customer until their design meets all expectations.

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