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Natural Stone Mosaic Tiles

Stone Mosaic Tile / Marble Mosaic Tile / Decorative Stone Tile

Stone mosaic tiles provided by us are traditionally made of natural marble, including all the characteristics associated with marble, including a non-fading performance. These tiles are also wear resistant, add to a noble decorative design, and can be used nearly anywhere, including lobbies, bathrooms and kitchens.

1. Easy to install
2. These tiles are beautiful and feature a high quality, making them easy to adhere to various surfaces without fear of them falling after long term usage.
3. The natural stone mosaic tiles can be applied in complete sheets, or in small sections as a decorative border or trim with other tiled surfaces.
4. Frost proof, acid resistant, water proof, heat resistant and easy to clean
5. Fading resistant, staining and discoloration resistant, rust resistant

Technical Parameters
Code ASC017 Material Stone
Chip size 23*26mm Sheet size 272x300mm
Thickness 5.5mm Sheet mount Mesh
KG/cartons 22kgs pcs/cartons 22pcs
Cartons/pallet 54Ctns Pallet of 20'GP 20 Pallets
Packaging Packed by neutral cartons, 1.8sqms/carton (4mm thickness), 54ctns into a pallet, or customized according to client's requirement.
Minimum Order 30 sqm
Delivery time 15-20days after deposit payment

We also offers customization services according to your needs, samples and drawings.

Customization Process
1. Choose the product to customize, then send us a picture via email or other online methods.
2. If we have the color a customer wants, they do not need to send us a sample. We will make a sample according to the pictures.
3. After making the samples, we will send the customer a picture of the sample. If the customer needs a physical sample, please tell us. The customer is responsible for shipping charges.
4. If the picture isn’t clear, or we don’t have the color, please send a physical sample. We will make our products match to the existing sample as close as we possibly can, take pictures for confirmation, and send them to the customer.

  • Cultured stone mosaic 1

  • Cultured stone mosaic 2

  • Marble mosaic 1

  • Marble mosaic 2

  • Marble mosaic 3

  • Marble mosaic 4

  • Marble mosaic 5

  • Marble mosaic 6

Users can choose from the following stone mosaics:

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